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We are at a time in our history, when Nigerians suffer daily from a deluge of very unpleasant experiences for different reasons ; some of which are symptoms of a deeply ingrained identity crisis and misplaced value system.

Many of us have become befuddled with erroneous ideas of properness, order and decency and have forgotten our foundational ethos, which is essential for our progress and posterity.

Naijatiquette is a call for the reset of our consciousness as a people, to remind us of who we are. So we can project that identity to the rest of the world, as a matter of urgency.

It will evoke details of the tenets of properness, civility and manners that defined us even long before the advent of colonization, and to which we must again return to protect our civilization.

Naijatiquette, is a clarion call for the renaissance of the pure bred Nigerian clan, and a must read for every true Nigerian.

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2 reviews for Naijatiquette

  1. Elvis Okolo

    I am really glad that there is finally a book that captures the civility or rather the lack of; within the Nigerian people, and as such led to the degrading social image of the Nigerian society.
    Naijatiquette is a book that highlights the social vices that have become prevalent in our Nigerian society. The author made several valid points on how our degrading social values has led to mainstream corruption, distorted international image, lack of law and order.
    Nobody was spared in this book. the author argued that the people (whether a big man or commoner) have a part to play to improve our social image. As the threat to the Nigerian society is not political, but social.
    The author presented the term “Naijatiquette” as a preferred way of thinking, that is designed to help guide the Nigerian people back to the communal respect, stability and growth. As Ghandi said, we should be the change we want to see in the world.

  2. Dara

    Anyone can reel out challenges plaguing people, but it takes more to despite the problems focus on proffering genuine solutions in a step by step, actionable model and, this is exactly what Naijatiquette brings to the table.. Every Nigerian needs to read and internalize this book. It is an absolutely fantastic read!

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