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Each day can be twenty-four little or long hours; enriching or depleting, and can mean everything or nothing.

It is no longer news that, productive and profitable living is contingent on how we each choose to invest or consume each day; desultorily or methodically.

My Emotional Intelligence Memoir is an apt compilation of 52 quotes in journal practice, designed to empower you in investing a tangible part of your day in self-development through the mastery of the critical life skill known as, Emotional intelligence.

All the quotes are curated to stimulate awareness and action in a model that is shaped along the lines of how the human brain grows and changes, thereby enabling us to learn, unlearn and relearn anything, over a period of time, as long as we are consistent.

Commitment to the use of this tool is therefore key, to start you off on that journey, that will lead you to personal competence, and enable you to birth positive outcomes from your interactions and relationships; at work or play, each and every time.

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