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Dr. Misi Omotosho

Trainer. Speaker. Coach

My Story

OluwayeMisi Omotosho is a prolific speaker, trainer, author, and coach with well over two decades of hands-on experience in successfully enabling individuals, teams and organizations extract greater value from their available resources by developing, enhancing and deploying their soft skill competencies, towards the attainment of their greatest potential. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer & Coach.

She is a two-time author of the national bestseller; Naijatiquette: Rules of Engagement for the Blue-Blood Nigerian Tribe as well as, My Emotional Intelligence Memoir; the acclaimed self-help journal.

Dr. Misi is the convener of the GAL circle; a rest, recuperation, personal refinement, and self-optimization club for ladies of all ages that holds quarterly retreats at different locations.

She is the creative director at RFL: An Afrocentric ladies golf brand.

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