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The Naijatiquette book reading and signing event, held on September 30th, 2023, at Irie Resto Lounge, Jabi mall, Abuja. The event was designed to celebrate the author, Dr. Oluwayemisi Omotosho and to familiarize the diverse audience with Naijatiquette. Needless to say, that it was a resounding success, as it drew a wide audience of book lovers that were eager to engage with the author and celebrate her work.

The program started off with a selected reading from the introduction through each chapter of the book, by the author and pre-nominated individuals. Their articulate delivery and charming storytelling enthralled the audience, creating an intimate connection between the words on the pages and the listeners. Subsequently, an insightful interactive session spearheaded by the Master of Ceremonies;Tunde Wale-Temowo, provided opportunity for the audience to delve deeper into the author’s thoughts, creative processes, inspirations, and book themes. The ensuing questions showcased a genuine interest in the author’s work and fostered a sense of community. This was then followed by games including but not limited to a giant crossword puzzle that was played by guests, making the event fun filled.

Next was the book signing segment which, allowed attendees to personally connect with the author, while receiving personalized inscriptions on their copies. This personal touch added a special and memorable flair to the program. The venue’s ambiance as well as the carefully curated d├ęcor and lighting, created a warm and inviting atmosphere that enhanced the audience’s immersion in the experience and contributed significantly to the overall success of the event. Guests were provided with comfortable seating and refreshments. Attendees came from several national geographic locations, and the diaspora.

Guests also had the opportunity to network with conversations flowing seamlessly, while they exchanged contacts and thoughts about Naijatiquette and Nigeria. At the end of the day, the event exceeded expectations as a celebration of the unveiling of a nationally significant & contemporary work of literature and ignited a paradigm shift in participants from complaining about national problems to engaging in crafting solutions to identified problems, within their control or sphere of influence.